Love never fails Japan


TOMORROW beyond 3.11 -- Jake Shimabukuro: "My Fukushima Home" (video)
     The American ukulele wizard with family links to Fukushima plays for evacuees from the radiation-contaminated town of Futaba living at a school far from home.

CONFIRMED: 36 Percent Of Fukushima Kids Have Abnormal Thyroid Growths (News article)
    A few days ago we reported that 36 percent of Fukushima children have abnormal thyroid growths likely from radiation exposure, based on the "Fukushima Prefecture Health Management Survey."

Atomic Energy Commission lied about secret meetings to prime minister's office (News article)
    The Cabinet Office's Japan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) submitted falsified reports on the clandestine "study sessions" it hosted for pro-nuclear parties, newly obtained emails have shown.

Fukushima gov't tried to kill proposal to store baby teeth for future radiation checks (News article)
    The Fukushima Prefectural Government has tried to kill a proposal by a local assemblyperson to store local children's milk teeth to examine their internal radiation exposure stemming from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, it has been learned.

Editorial: Newspapers should deepen coverage of quake, tsunami and nuclear crisis (News article)
    One year and seven months have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, tsunami and ensuing nuclear crisis occurred on March 11, 2011. Since the outbreak of the triple disasters, newspapers and other media outlets have been called into question over how they should face the serious damage caused by the temblor and tsunami as well as the nuclear disaster and what they should convey to their readers and viewers.

Fukushima held 'secret meetings' on format of health surveys (News article)
    The Fukushima Prefectural Government held "secret meetings" to make key decisions on how to conduct health surveys on local residents in the wake of the outbreak of the crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant, prior to exploratory panel meetings on the issue, it has been learned.

Address by Toshio Yanagihara (PDF file)
    "Not only did the Japanese government fail to help evacuate the residents of Fukushima, but also they intended to prevent the people's evacuation.

Address by Takashi Katsu Idogawa, Futaba's mayor (PDF file)
    "From the onset of the nuclear disaster, our human rights, enshrined in the Japanese Constitution, have been violated."

Criteria for Evacation (PDF file)
    The criteria for evacuation is 4 times higher at Fukushima than at Chernobyl.

Annual Dose of Radiation Exposre in Fukushima Prefecture (PDF file)
    Includes list of food items from the Prefecture which have been restricted.

Futaba Town's Official Web Site (web site)
    Latest news and messages from the town.

Fallout From Fukushima (video)
    This is what the government FAILED to tell us about the after-effects from fukushima.

What Part of Fukushima Do You NOT Understand? (video)
    Original Song by Tom English & Chris Blanchard